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Beware of Scams Involving FEMA’s Response to Hurricane Matthew

Important message for any contractor who wants to contract with FEMA during Hurricane Matthew – from Georgia Tech’s Procurement Assistance Center:
“Hurricane Matthew is being used as a platform to circulate false information to government contractors and other vendors.
We want to make sure that you, as a [PTAC] client, are aware of this situation so no one takes advantage of you, especially at a time when so many people are vulnerable to the storm hitting Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.
Please be on alert to the possibility of phone calls and emails which encourage you to register in a database that will give your company “priority vendor” status by “emergency managers” (implied to ne FEMA officials) so that you can be given the “opportunity to help your community for disaster relief efforts and make profits at the same time.” The services offered in these solicitations carry a price tag ranging between $195 and $1,200 for a variety of services, including a “priority listing.”
Please be advised that FEMA does NOT have a “priority vendor” program.
FEMA does maintain a legitimate web site for vendors who wish to voluntarily provide supplemental information on the kinds of services they would like to furnish to FEMA, and there is no fee to use it. That web site is at:
FEMA states: “Submission of the vendor profile form does not place you on a preferred list of vendors to be considered for procurements. FEMA does not maintain such a list. The form is used to assist in secondary market research and is voluntary. FEMA does not charge any company a basic registration fee. There are companies that replicate services of Federal Government entities and there are typically fees associated with their services. Most Federal Government services, if not all, are free of charge. Always make it a practice to reach out to the appropriate Federal agency first to inquire about the validity of the service, specifically if a fee is associated with it.”
Please feel free to consult with any [PTAC] counselor whenever you are in doubt about the legitimacy of any government contract-related offer. In fact, we would appreciate it if you would share questionable solicitations with us.”
Washington PTAC wants to echo this message to all firms – if any Washington businesses have questions about this, please feel free to reach out. | 360-754-6320

There are eight locations across Washington State assisting small businesses with marketing to the government, solicitations, drawings, and other areas relating to selling to the government.

Nationally, there are over 90 PTACs with over 400 counselors. This nationwide network of dedicated procurement professionals works to ensure businesses can find, bid and win state, federal and local government contracts. To identify PTACs in other states, please visit: