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GovConWkly Webinar: Teaming and Affiliation Basics: Understanding the Lingo, Eligibility and Affiliation, Friday- Sep 22, 2017 9:00 AM



Join experienced federal contracting attorney Maria Panichelli as she presents part one of a three-part webinar series covering everything you need to know about Teaming, Joint Ventures, and the SBA’s Mentor Protégé Programs.
This webinar will cover: Teaming and Affiliation Basics: Understanding the Lingo, Eligibility and Affiliation
There is no hotter topic in federal contracting than teaming, joint venturing, and mentor-protégé arrangements. However, the concepts and requirements relating to teams and joint ventures are often very misunderstood. In this beginners-level webinar, we will discuss the fundamental building blocks necessary to understanding the why and how of small business partnerships. We will explain what set aside contracts are, how to determine if you are eligible for the federal government’s small business programs, and common pitfalls that can prevent your eligibility for set-aside contracts and adversely impact your teaming/JV opportunities.

There are eight locations across Washington State assisting small businesses with marketing to the government, solicitations, drawings, and other areas relating to selling to the government.

Nationally, there are over 90 PTACs with over 400 counselors. This nationwide network of dedicated procurement professionals works to ensure businesses can find, bid and win state, federal and local government contracts. To identify PTACs in other states, please visit: