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Green Hill School Birch Cottage Renovation & Addition

Owner: WA State DSHS

Prime: Pease & Sons, Inc

Bid Date: 12/15/16 @ 3:00 p.m.

Project Description: The work at Birch Cottage consists of an approximate 800 square foot addition. The additional square footage is added in two areas: south side at the new multi-purpose rooms and to the northwest side at the new acute care wing. Half of the existing cottage (approximately 10,000 square feet) is to be renovated and remodeled. The remaining half of the cottage (approximately 8,000 square feet) is remaining largely untouched. There is minimal electrical and mechanical work occurring on the untouched portion of the building to ensure overall systems are functional for the entire building. See detailed scope in the contract documents. A new outdoor recreation yard and plaza is being created at the south side of the building and a new outdoor courtyard is being created at the northwest off of the acute care dayroom.
Estimated Value: $3.1 – $3.45 million

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