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About The Dutra Group:

We are an industry-leading marine construction company that consists of three integrated divisions. The Dutra Dredging, Construction and Materials divisions can handle projects of any size. We have been maintaining waterways, preserving ecosystems, replenishing shores, and reducing flood risk for over 100 years. We work all throughout the United States and are always looking for qualified small businesses to offer subcontracting opportunities.

Primary POC: Donna Fraser, SBLO (participate and attend all PNWRC meetings since 2018)

Donna Fraser
Small Business Liaison Officer
[email protected]
2350 Kerner Blvd, Ste 200
San Rafael, CA 94901

Corporate #:415-258-6876


Our subcontractor/bid opportunities link is under construction as part of our new website, will follow up when it is available

Interested in working with Dutra, complete Self-Certification Form 1


Primary sub needs:

Steel work, welding, fabrication, steel & welding supplies
Concrete, rebar
Scaffolding erectors and rentals
Fuel, oil, paint, and coating suppliers
Tugs and push boats
Water support crews/boats
Inspections & testing
Remediation, revegetation, and demolition
Equipment rentals
Office trailers
Hardware, small tool, and supplies
Drug testing

Updated 12/20/2022

Currently bidding

Department of the Navy NAVFAC Northwest
Project name: Replace Critical Structure Piles
Location: SWFPAC Bangor, WA

Department of the Navy NAVFAC Northwest
Project name: Replace Delta Pier Switching Station
Location: Bangor, WA

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