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Army Corps Industry Day- American Lake Medical Center

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Northwestern Division (CENWD) – Seattle District (CENWS) intends to collaborate with industry as we prepare the acquisition planning and solicitations on several projects for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs American Lake (VAAL) Medical Center Tacoma, Washington.
The purpose of the virtual event is for the Government to provide an update and overview of the VAAL program. We understand the importance to the construction industry to have advance knowledge of projects.

The webinar will take approximately one-hour where the Government will present information and invite industry to share observations and concerns. The anticipated acquisition strategy will typically be a firm-fixed-price types contract Design-Bid-Build project. Tentative solicitation dates range from February 2022 for Phase 2A Site Development to 2026 for Phase 3 Bldg. 81/81AC.

Project Synopsis:

The VAAL program currently includes seven (7) interrelated projects:

  • Phase 2A Site Development: Demolition of existing facilities, construction of new 650 space parking area and re-alignment of Veteran’s Drive with utilities
  • Phase 2B Bldg. 201: Outpatient and Specialty Care Facility, ~76,000 sq ft, New Construction of 2-story building
  • Phase 3 Bldg. 81/81AC: Primary Care Facility, ~88,300 sq ft, Seismic Upgrade and Renovation
  • Building 7: Women’s Clinic and Mental Health, ~20,000 SQ ft, Seismic Upgrade and Renovation
  • Building 8: Administration, ~15,500 sq ft Seismic Upgrade and Renovation
  • Building 9: Auditorium, ~8,400 sq ft Seismic Upgrade and Renovation
  • Building 111: Chapel, ~ 6,200 sq ft Seismic Upgrade and Renovation

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