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Asa Mercer School Replacement Project – Subcontracting and Supply Opportunities

Seattle Public Schools and its Prime Contractor for the Asa Mercer Middle School Replacement project, Cornerstone General Contractors, Inc., are encouraging participation of minority and women-owned businesses in upcoming construction.

The Electrical and Mechanical contractors for the project are committed to engaging and pursuing subcontracts with potential subcontractors and suppliers for their line of work. There are inclusion goals of 20% for minority-owned firms, 6% for women-owned firms.

Here is a list of likely opportunities for Electrical and Mechanical Subcontracting & Supplying:

Electrical (Premier Power Electric – EC/CM) 

  • Telecon & AS Systems
  • AV & Intercom Systems
  • Access Control/Intrusion Detection System/CCTV Camera System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Electrical Trenching
  • Photovoltaic Solar

Mechanical (Betschart Mechanical, Inc. – MC/CM)

  • HVAC – AKA Ductwork
  • Energy Management & Controls (DDC)
  • TAB (Air & Water Testing and Balancing)
  • Plumbing/HVAC Insulation (Piping and Ductwork Insulation
  • Plumbing Trenching/Backfill
  • Mechanical Pipe Welding (hydronics)

If you are interested, and have the capability to fill any of these needs, please contact George Frost [email protected]

George Frost | DEI Manager | Electrical & Mechanical Contractors | Asa Mercer School Replacement Project

Cornerstone Bid Room 

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