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    *Subscribers may not receive bid matches on a daily basis as solicitations may not be advertised each day for your product/service. PTAC personnel will assist you in the procurement process; however, contract awards are not guaranteed.

    *The annual subscription fee for the PTAC Bid Match service is $165. New clients are allowed a 30-day free trial. Clients who wish to continue after the trial period will be billed for the full Bid Match fee.

    *On behalf of the company listed on this application, I request technical assistance via PTAC’s bid match service to help obtain government contracts. I understand PTAC support services are available free of charge, with the exception of the optional Bid Match service.

    *I understand and agree to report information to my local PTAC regarding government contracts, subcontracts and/or government credit card purchases awarded to my company as a direct or indirect result of assistance provided by PTAC. Award information will be requested electronically quarterly by PTAC and will include awarding agency, contract number, dollar amount and products/services provided. Award data will also be asertained from public sources such as & The PTAC agrees to keep this and all other client information confidential unless we receive prior written permission from you. Data may be reported to PTAC stakeholders in aggregate.

    *The company I represent hereby waives its rights to any and all claims against Washington PTAC, the Thurston Economic Development Council, organizations hosting PTAC sub-centers and any of their employees arising from services rendered. I further understand that my company bears all responsibility for decisions made and actions taken regarding doing business with government agencies and prime contractors.

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  • For assistance please contact Marnie Tyson at 206-659-6532, or [email protected]

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