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Doing Business with Bureau of Land Management Fuels Management Program

Contractors wanted! 

From our friends at Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Idaho PTAC

This video highlights contract opportunities with the Bureau of Land Management Wildland Fuels Management program. The BLM is seeking a plethora of private businesses who would be willing to take on government contracting. A large need has been recognized for more contractors to complete an expected increase in wildland fuels management work.

BLM is one of five land management agencies responsible for keeping our lands free and clear from flammable vegetation.

BLM is wanting to add vendors who are capable of contracting anywhere from three to 3,000 acres or more.

Some of the upcoming needs are:

  • Mastication: clearing large land areas of tree and brush.
  • Chipping: machinery-based chipping to grind down debris.
  • Mowing: perimeter lands around towns, fields, and other spaces.
  • Thinning: removing excessive tree and brush growth.
  • Hand piling: work crews to pile burnable cut vegetation.

This is only a shortlist of work soon to be offered as contracts.

More information is available at: 

Contact your local PTAC office for more support on Federal contracting

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