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El Centro Columbia City

El Centro Columbia City

(EXCEPT: Design-Build HVAC, Electrical/LV, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Elevators)
100% Bid Set Dated 10/19/2022
3818 S. Angeline Street, Seattle, WA 98118

1. Bids: DUE BY: Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 @ 3:00 pm

2. Project Description:
Construction of a new 6-story, 97,852 SF affordable housing building, support & offices, childcare development center tenant improvement (concurrent buildout), and core/shell for a future church TI.
a. Units: 87 Residential; (40) one-bedroom, (29) two-bedroom, (18) three-bedroom
b. Parking: 18 surface, 17 structured
c. Construction Type:
i. VA (Floors 3-6) over IA (Floor 1-2)
ii. Building to be fully automatic fire sprinklered with alarm system.

3. Schedule:
a. Bid Date/Time: January 24th @ 3:00 pm (Electronic submittal)
b. Construction Start: Anticipated start date March 2023
c. Construction Duration: 19.5 months

4. Bid Documentation:

02- ECCC 100% Bid Set – 10.19.2022
03- ECCC Project Manual – 10.19.2022
04- King County Wage Rates 10.31.22
05- Sample Insurance Requirements
06- Sample Subcontract
07- Sample Purchase Order
08- Site Logistics Plan
09- Project Bid Schedule 12.22.22
10- Geotechnical Report
11- Arborist Report
12- Environmental Noise Assessment
13- BEC Report
14- Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
15- Main Contract vs CDC TI Scope Outline
16- Demo & Shoring Sequence Plan
17- Pre-Demo Hazmat Survey

5. Addendum: N/A

6. Parking: Subcontractors should not assume parking will be readily available. No on-site parking will be permitted.

7. Crane and Hoisting: WALSH will have a crane for this project. Crane use will begin during early concrete construction through material stocking for the roof. Outside of available crane duration, it is assumed that subcontractors will have hoisting for their scope of work and will be reflected within your bid. All crane utilization to be approved by WALSH site team. Refer to the project schedule for durations and start/end dates.

8. Flagging: Subcontractor will be responsible for providing a flagger for all deliveries associated with their work.

9. Wage Rate: Compliance with Washington State Residential & Commercial Prevailing Wage Rates
Dated: October 31, 2022.
Main Contract: Residential Wages Child Development Center TI: Commercial Wages

10. Safety: Subcontractor will comply with all OSHA, WISHA, and WALSH Safety standards.

11. Walsh Construction Company reserves the right:
a) To reject/cancel any or all bids;
b) To choose bid options (base bids/alternate bids);
c) To define and waive any informalities in the bidding;
d) To make a final judgment whether the bids are responsive or non-responsive.

12. Location of Contract Documents:
a. Plans, specifications and bid packages are available:
i. On Builder’s Exchange ( – click on Posted Projects, General Contractors Project
Areas, WA, Walsh Construction, Projects Bidding.
1. Username: walsh
2. Password: safety
ii. As needed, documents can be downloaded via the following link to Walsh ShareFile site:

13. Subcontract and Insurance Requirements: Subcontractors will be required to meet the obligation of the
WCC’s Insurance, Subcontract, and Safety Requirements as shown in the attachments.

14. Bid Submission: Inquiries & Bid Submission:
a. For any questions during the bid process, or to clarify questions in the pricing, bidders are instructed to
call/email: Eric Brandon, [email protected]
b. Bid Submission: Email to Karen Moon, [email protected]

El Centro Columbia City Invitation To Bid – 01-24-23

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