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What is the Innovation Station?

The Innovation Station is where  federal and state agencies  can connect with innovative firms based in Washington State. This portal will feature funding opportunities, university partners, federal labs, .and technical assistance centers across the state.

Who is the Station for?

The Station is for non-traditional suppliers to federal agencies such as engineers, scientists, R&D firms – innovators who are on the cutting edge of their field.

The Three Key Stops at the Station

Stop #1: Connecting

Even if you are knowledgeable about the innovation ecosystem in Washintgton State, your first stop at Station may be worth a look.

You will find introductory workshops here as well as links to events that are geared toward the experienced federal contractor.

Stop #2: Funding

There are several different types of support available to innovators, including grants, contracts, in-kind analytical and testing support partners, and more.

Stop #3: Applying

Navigating government processes are confusing and discouraging. Let us do what we do best – PTAC and other supporters are here to help you achieve your funding goals.

Six Key Industry Sectors in Washington State

Are you involved with one of these key industries? You will find a robust ecosystem in Washington that can help you succeed. Learn more about this ecosystem

Aerospace – military aircraft, unmanned vehicles and space exploration

Agriculture – manufacturing processes, crop enhancement

Clean Technology – Renewable energy, pollution reduction, power storage and grid management

Information and Technology – Augmented virtual reality, cloud computing, artificial intelligence

Life Sciences/Global Health – Biotech, brain science, pharma

Military and Defense – Energy, Biofuels, cybersecurity, UAS technology



Innovation Station Conductor can be reached at [email protected]

Our Partners Statewide are: