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So you want to sell to the US Navy?

Selling to a federal agency is a complicated process. There are many different ways in, many separate departments, internal agencies and programs – very confusing. But if you are interested in selling to the US Navy you’re in luck.  Alliance Northwest 2023 is a one-stop shop to make in-person meetings with a variety of Navy offices.  Want to sell supplies or products to the Navy?  Set up a one-on-one meeting with NAVSEA. What about meeting with NAVFAC, who is responsible for facilities and maintenance?  Do you have an idea that you think the Navy might be interested in? Then introduce yourself to the NW Tech Bridge, your door into innovation at the Navy. The US Army Corps of Engineers will be on hand for those military engineering projects.  And don’t forget about the Kitsap PTAC, whose proximity to the Naval Base means they are experts at guiding you through the Navy acquisition process. So – if you are interested in selling to the Navy – Alliance Northwest has you covered.

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