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Veteran Owned Businesses

Below are resources for Veteran Owned Businesses who wish to do business at the federal or state level.


Veteran and Service Disabled Veteran owned businesses needing assistance with the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) process are encouraged to work with PTAC Counselors in Washington State.  Several have completed training by the US VA and are prepared to support your efforts.  

As of January 2020, we typically only recommend the CVE Verification process if you are pursuing work with the VA or Federal Aviation Administration or prime contractors who are doing business with those agencies.  All other federal agencies allow for self certification at this time.  

Washington State

Washington State Veteran and Service Member Owned Business Certification

The Veteran Owned Business Registry is an official way for veterans to certify their businesses and reap the rewards of being officially recognized as a Veteran Owned Business. Learn more here.

The benefits of registering with the Veterans Owned Business Registry are:

  1. Eligibility to do business with the many agencies of the State of Washington
  2. Eligibility for the Linked Deposit Program:
  3. Public recognition of your status as a Veteran Owned Business.

Even if you are not planning to directly do business with the State of Washington, customers like to know they are patronizing Veteran Owned Businesses.

Click here to get registered in Washington State!

It is free, quick, and easy.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or your local PTAC Counselor

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